Resident Evil 5 - Buying Ammo at the Shop

"How to buy Ammo at the Shop"

Hello all, I found a way to buy ammo easily in the game, like handgun ammo, shotgun shells, rifle ammo, machine gun ammo and magnum ammo. It's a technique but too expensive I guess but if you already upgraded your weapons (Max Upgrade) and if you wish to purchase Unlimited Ammo on "Bonus Feature" but you don't have enough Exchange Points, here is a way to extract ammo from your weapons.

This is really expensive but if you really need ammo you can try this.

Here are the steps and it's easy since you can't buy ammo at the Shop.

Step 1 : Buy any weapon you want.

Step 2 : Sell that weapon you bought and it'll become ammo instead.

That's it and you don't have to pick up ammo while playing the chapters.

Note : I suggest you do this if you need ammo for the Magnum. Just buy and sell the weapon and you can have 6 ammo everytime.